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At Investment Promotion Group, Inc. (IPG), we always see the silver lining under the black clouds, and we think you will also see it too !!  All you need to do is to spend some time with our consultants.

In the turmoil of world economic crises and chaos occassioned by the meltdown of the "super hot" US economy which was in turn fueled by the failure of sub-prime mortgages and other exotic financial instruments, there are significant opportunities for everyone.

So you lost fifty percent, or even seventy-five percent of your retirement funds.  You can be like an ostritch and bury your head in the ground...or you can take your financial destiny by the horns and turn your life around.  This time, you may want to have more control over decisions impacting your finances.

We believe that an initial sound financial advice, followed by a realistic action plan (including good accounting record keeping), executed within legal boundries provide the right recipe for success.

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